Who Are We?

     Volusia School Uniforms was created to, "Make School Uniforms Fashionable & Affordable."  Our goal is to provide families with quality products at a reasonable price.

     Volusia School Uniforms is a division of Jesus Surfed Apparel Co., which began operation in November of 2012.  Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. was designed as an online apparel company.  Our products were also available at conferences and music festivals. We created our own designs but outsourced the production of the clothing.  By the end of our second year in business our success was well ahead of expectation.  We were able to increase our staff and after purchasing the necessary equipment all of our production was done in-house.  

     The equipment purchase along with moving into our production shop led to the next phase of our operation, custom printing. As we enter our second year providing Custom Printing, we have had customers across the country whose orders have ranged in size from a dozen shirts to providing apparel for several thousand attendees at a conference.  

     Our local clients include; Solar Fit, Parks Dermatology, Osceola Elementary School, One Voice Volusia, BEACH House, Coastal Church, A1A Automotive, BLOWN Hair Salon, Inlet Marina Villas, Kem McNair Photography, J.B. Fries & Associates, J&J Security Services, Keep Kids Drug Free, Daytona Outreach Center and Seabreeze High School Girls Soccer.

     Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. has recently formed strategic alliances which has allowed us to enter the most recent phase of our operation, merchandising and fulfillment.  We have been contracted by author Sam Laing of West Palm Beach in which we developed a merchandise website (WarriorForTheLordGear.com) and handle the entire fulfillment process.  We are in the development process of several other similar projects.

    Our family moved to Ormond Beach just over 8 years ago in the summer of 2008 with the primary reason to assist in the care of my grandmother who will be turning 100 this December.  We absolutely love living here and being a part of the community.

    Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. has been a Business Partner of Osceola Elementary School for the past three years.  This is my fourth year as a member of the School Advisory Council (SAC) and I will continue to volunteer in any capacity that is needed. 

    My wife Jennifer who thoroughly enjoys working with children is beginning her sixth year as a teacher in Volusia County.  This will be her fourth year at Osceola Elementary where she is a Resource Support Facilitator and PST (Problem Solving Team) Chair. We have two daughters, the oldest after completing six highly successful years (K-5th) at Osceola is a sixth-grader at OBMS and our youngest is excited about being a kindergartner at Osceola.

    Our family is definitely invested in and proud to support the local community and the school system which is why we launched Volusia School Uniforms.


    Please contact me with any suggestions or questions you may have.

    Best regards,

    Michael Julius (MJ) Anton 


      Jesus Surfed Apparel Co.            

      6670 Shannon Trail

      Highlands Ranch, CO                      

      Tel: 720.432.7001